Clerk of the Circuit Court

Karen Hubbard
Current term of office: January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2026
P.O. Box 493
64776 Osceola , MO
United States
Phone: 417-646-2226
Fax: 417-646-2401
Missouri US
  • Maintain court records/proceedings for St. Clair County Associate and Circuit Courts.
  • Maintain court records/proceedings for Osceola, Lowry City and Appleton City Municipal Courts.

Filing Fee and Cost Deposit
Unless waived by the Court or otherwise provided by rule or law, and before a case is filed, there shall be deposited with the Court, the following sums:
(a)  Circuit Division & Civil Division
Civil Case, except domestic relations cases | $100.50
Domestic Relations Cases
For Dissolutions | $102.50
For Modifications, Legal Seperations, Family Access Motions and Paternity Cases | $102.50
Adoptions (Revised and Effective 11-04-2004) | $150.50
Registrations of Foreign Judgements | $100.50
Applications for Trial De Novo from Municipal Divisions | $30.00
Applications for Trial De Novo in Chapter 517 cases and Small Claims Appeals | $60.00
(b)  Associate Division
Civil Cases | $50.50
Small Claims $0-$3,000.00 | $20.50
(c)  Probate Cases(Revised and Effective 08-29-2018)
Conservatorships for Minors | $80.50
Conservatorships, except Minors | $95.50
(Both include one certified copy of letters)
Decedents' Estates with will -- $135.50

Research Resources
*  Circuit and Probate cases from 1841 to present
Cases since 2003 (including traffic) can be found on Casenet at