Recorder of Deeds

Pat Terry
Current term of office: January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2022
Deputy Recorder: Sheila White
P.O. Box 323
64776 Osceola , MO
United States
Phone: 417-646-2950
Fax: 417-646-2951
Missouri US

Recorder of Deeds' Duties
*  Records documents pertaining to real estate
*  Maintains surveys and subdivision plats
*  Maintains Uniform Commercial Code, financing statements (Liens)
*  Maintains military discharges
*  Issues and files Marriage Licenses

Personal Message from Pat
Thank you for visiting this website.  I hope you will find it helpful in many ways.  If you desire any further information that is not included herein please feel free to contact my office.  I will be happy to assist you.
Family History Research
The Recorder of Deeds has many duties in regards to the preservation of records.  All transactions having to due with land are recorded and permanently archived in this office.  St. Clair County land records date back to 1840.  All land records have been microfilmed from 1840 through the present date.  Computerization has become an integral part of our daily operation.  Our records are not on the internet, but are accessible by the public by way of our public computer workstation.  Records available on the computer at the present time include:
*  All Land records indexed with images from early 1920 to the  present.
*  All Marriage Licenses indexed with images from 1855 to the present.
*  Federal and State Tax Liens/Releases Indexes from August 2000 to the present.
The Recorders Office takes Marriage License applications, issues marriage licenses, files the license after the marriage, reports marriages to the state, and maintains a permanent record of marriage.  St. Clair County marriage records date back to 1855.